Lladró – Ladies with Flowers

Lladró Ladies with Flowers

Lladró – Ladies with Flowers

At Spanish Pawnbrokers we not only buy and sell watches and jewellery we also have the pleasure of handling a large range of Spanish Lladró porcelain creations.

For those of you who have not heard of Lladró Porcelain, it is a recognised world leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of porcelain art creations.  Lladró is manufactured in Valencia, Spain and in Tavernes Blanques, there is a museum.

From sculptures to lighting, home accessories and jewellery, Lladró is a brand that stands for contemporary, stylish and suggests an exclusive lifestyle.

Owning a Lladró piece as a collectible makes so much sense.  It’s beautiful to look at, increases in value and is admired by many.

There is no specific income bracket that one needs to belong to, to possess a Lladró piece. Prices vary on the size, number produced, and content but at Spanish Pawnbrokers we have a number of individual pieces to suit most pockets.

Is there a market for preowned Lladró?

Yes, there is! Without Doubt!

At Spanish Pawnbrokers, we have many retired clients, past business owners, international celebrities, and local tourists, who are always searching for valuable, beautiful, and reasonably priced pieces of Lladró.  Therefore, if you buy right, you can sell right, and make a solid return on your investment.

Whilst there may be a number of copies out in the global market, at Spanish Pawnbrokers we provide you with a letter of authenticity for used items, so you can rest assured you are investing in the genuine article?

So if Lladró interests you, if your buying or selling then come and meet with us and let’s chat Lladró. Click here to see our current range of Lladró items.




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