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There are many great reasons for people to collect coins, here are just a few suggestions from Spanish Pawnbrokers located in Quesada, Rojales, Spain.

Collecting Coins is a great way to build a hobby that can make you money. If you are prepared to invest some me in research, look for investment opportunities in places like the Spanish Pawn Brokers, and put aside some cash for those special coin investment opportunities when you find them. Then you can have fun and make some money doing it.

Specialising in certain countries is a good idea. For example, Americans like to invest in American Coins, as the choice is huge and consists of cents, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars. Whereas English
people seem to choose English coins and the same goes for Spaniards and Spanish Coins. So, before you rush out and start buying every coin you can find from Spain or sorting through your random pocket change, take some time to figure out what and how to start collecting coins that you are interested in. Or call Paul at Spanish Pawnbrokers and chat about what is readily available to buy, what type of coins make a good
investment, and other tips for ardent coin collectors.

Should you need some inspiration then visit Spanish Pawnbrokers where there is a range of valuable coins from across the world that you can view. All are reasonably priced and available for purchase, a quick and
cost effective way to kick start your collection. Silver Dollars, Silver Pesetas and Gold Sovereigns, and many more. Still not sure, then ask the owner of Spanish Pawnbrokers, Paul Mentessi and he will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Initially, you may have to trust experts’ opinions when buying your choice of coins, however as you investigate and research your knowledge will improve, and good purchase opportunities grow. But consider these 4 main areas of evaluating a coin to purchase, they are: –

  1. Rarity | Modern coins will never be classed as rare as they are produced yearly, however, if you find a faulty coin that has a mistake on it – it could be worth a great deal of money. Remember the scarcer the
    coin the more valuable it will be.
  2. Condition | Coins with more sheen and less wear and tear from having been in circulation are worth more. Spanish Pawnbrokers provide the coin with a certificate that tells you exactly what condition
    a coin is in, and its authenticity.
  3. Demand | Generally coins can be worth more money if demand for those particular types of coins is high but it’s hard to calculate. In-depth research online can help you figure out the level of demand for a coin
    at any given time. Remember demand for a coin will drive its value.
  4. Value | Most coins are created with various metals, all of which have a market value. Silver is currently worth 21.40€ an ounce and Gold is 1,531€ per ounce (24/07/2021). So if your collection has silver and gold
    coins you should be able to sell a coin for at least its current bullion value.

If your goal is to build a truly valuable coin collection, you should look to purchase the best versions of each coin that you can afford. Do not go about buying coins wildly, instead set a budget and stick to it. Be patient and build lasting business relationships with people like Paul Mentessi who would be happy to keep you advised of any quality coins that make it into the Spanish Pawnbrokers, Quesada, Rojales Spain.

Searching for Coins to add to your collection?

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