Why Invest in a Pre-Used Rolex Watch?

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There are a number of top quality watches in the world and buying one is normally down to personal taste, knowledge and finance.

Here are just a few well-known brands that are readily available for you to choose from, Jaeger, Cartier, Omega, Breitling or Patek Philippe, all luxury brands of watch and all are very desirable.  However, the one brand that stands out globally amongst all the luxury watch competitors and the one brand everybody dreams of owning must be Rolex. 

Rolex is clearly the most well known among all of the world’s luxury watch brands.

Why choose a Rolex?

That is a big question and one that can take a long time to answer.  Here are a just few reasons. 

Some people want to buy a Rolex to celebrate a positive outcome an achievement, to purchase a watch that they know will hold or increase in its value, to be able to demonstrate a certain lifestyle or career success, and many invest in Rolex to own a luxury watch and piece of history.

Others want to own one as wearing suggests success, wealth, and impeccable taste.

Is it in the Detail?

Rolex watches have a variety of bezels, dials, guards, straps and different coloured dials, its that level of detail that makes them collectors’ pieces, whilst simultaneously increasing the value of the piece. 

It was the detail and certain amount of named association that made the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona the most expensive Rolex ever sold.

Paul Newmans Rolex Daytona was purchased for $17.8 million during an auction in October 2017.

At Spanish Pawnbrokers located in Quesada, Coast Blanca we do not stock watches of that value but if you visit our website www.spanishpawnbrokers.com you will find a whole range of Pre-owned Rolex watches that are growing in value daily, realistically priced and ready for your investment.

Do Rolex Watches increase in Value?

Yes Rolex watches increase in value.

Rolex watches generally increase in value, yet that increase is based on the rarity of the model and its condition at point of sale. 

In the Spanish Pawnbrokers we currently have a beautiful Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea D-Blue James Cameron 116660 that can be purchased for €13,500.  The Deepsea D-Blue Dial diver watch is based on the standard Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea 116660 watch but has a unique dial that starts blue at the top and using a gradient goes to black. 

If you search on Goole for this same watch, you will find prices from €14,830 up to €15,520 which suggests that if you purchase the watch we have instore, your investment will be worth €1,330 more than you paid for it, an instant increase on value.

If you live on the Costa Blanca come along to Spanish Pawnbrokers in Quesada and try the Rolex Sea-Dweller before you invest in it.

How long will I have a Rolex?

Rolex Watches are made from the best materials and are proven to be in immaculate working condition after decades of use and abuse.  Therefore, a Rolex timepiece can last a lifetime, especially if it is serviced regularly.  

Rolex recommend you have your watch serviced every 10 years.  However, as we have access to servicing Rolex watches at Spanish Pawnbrokers, we do recommend every 7 years.  We also offer a lower service price to help our customer to maintain perfect look and performance, so their investment keeps pace with inflation.

Do you stock Pre-Used Rolex Watches ?

At the Spanish Pawnbrokers in Quesada, we have several Pre-Owned Rolex Watches for men and ladies. 

Here are just a few:-

Searching for pre-used Rolex watch to add to your collection?

Come and try them on before you invest, of ask us to keep you aware of models that have come into our store Spanish Pawnbrokers, in Quesada, Costa Blanca, Spain. 

Phone: 965 992 192 / 602 50 63 90
Email: info@spanishpawnbrokers.com

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