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Working from the latest auction guides guarantees that you will get the best value for money. All of our Jewellery & Luxury Watches undergo a clinical cleaning process and the most rigorous professional restorations, so when you buy at Spanish Pawnbrokers you get…

‘Used’ that is as good as new and at the BEST possible price!


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Sell or Pawn – how it works!

SPANISH PAWNBROKERS are pleased to offer the best sell or pawn solutions at the LOWEST interest rate.

Just complete the form below and we’ll get back to you with our valuation.

On approval we COLLECT from your door & your item is fully insured when on it’s way to us for verification. Once received & verified we transfer the money into your account the next day. All this at  UP TO 10% PER MONTH and with no Credit Reference checks!


So, what is Pawn?

Basically, it’s a ‘Buy Back Loan’. When a person or a Business Entity are experiencing ‘cash flow’ difficulties and need an instant remedy, the ‘pledging’ or ‘pawning’ of items of value which they legally own, such as a watch, a piece of jewellery or anything of ‘real’ monetary value may be their best option. The system is quite simple, the person, (or business) who requires an instant ‘cash infusion’ will provide an item of value, (a ‘pledge’), as collateral against the required loan amount, there is also usually an indication or undertaking by the Borrower to repay the loan amount within a certain period of time, such as 30, 60 or 90 days. This item is then surrendered to the ‘Broker’ who will ensure the item’s safe keeping until the loan is repaid or becomes ‘forfeit’ in what is accepted as a ‘Buy Back’ agreement with an agreed monthly interest rate. The Borrower can make part payments or repayment in full at any time without incurring any financial penalties other than the amount owing plus the interest due at the time of settlement. The Borrower must also be aware that if they do default on an agreed repayment, after a period of 31 days, the item provided as collateral will be forfeit and can be legally sold by the Broker. SPANISH PAWNBROKERS are pleased to be able to offer this service at the lowest monthly interest rate available anywhere in Spain and with the highest level of confidentiality.